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Gamers Hate Ads.

"It's no secret that players have cynically created a mini-game in how fast they can 'close' a video or banner ad!"

Mark Soderwall JoyMonster CEO

Traditional banners and popup videos annoy gamers and interfere with game play. JoyMonster solves this problem by making offers and rewards a native and unobtrusive part of the game.

Finally...effective advertising that mobile gamers actually love.


Players find in-game objects, "Joy Boxes," and interact with them — whether shooting enemies or finding hidden gems. Unlocking valuable offers to local and national businesses has never been more immersive and fun!

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Earning rewards in-app


Each time a player earns a reward, they're able to choose from a selection of high-value offers available in their local area. Our advertisers are held to a high standard to ensure that only the most relevant and desirable offers are presented! No other type of advertising allows for player choice! Empowering and rewarding!

Choosing from available rewards


To use a reward, the gamer simply opens their digital wallet next time they visit the advertiser's place of business and swipes to redeem! Look at that — they're winning again! So easy!

Redeedming a reward

How Will You Use JoyMonster?